#128 theoldmortuary ponders

100 shades of greige. Serendipity took me to a strange place recently. Strange for no other reason than greige is the opposite of my actual life while I am doing a colour course. A local department store has refurbished its cafe during lock down and come up with a colour scheme devoid of any colour.

With a nod to the city’s nautical history, boats are the theme of the pictures on the wall. All colour sucked out of them by a digital photography programme.

Not to be outdone the wallpaper celebrates a neutral palate.

Not that I helped myself any, ordering a pot of tea was hardly going to set my colour world alight.

Is neutral really a good look for a post pandemic world.?

Thankfully this restaurant does a fine breakfast and we populated our time there with colourful memories. Too much neutral made my eyes hurt…

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