#116 theoldmortuary ponders

© Joules Print Team

February 1st , time to turn a page or, in the case of 2022, three pages. This year we have 3 physical calendars. The sort with a picture and the month divided into days for notes and appointments. The dog calendar features this splendid chap who has witnessed all that goes on in our utility room for the last month. From the gradual lowering of food stocks post the festive season to the drama of a new shelf flying off the wall and scattering the contents of this tin all over the floor.

6 years out of date, Steel Cut Oat Meal goes an awful long way in a utility room. The gorgeous ginger dog on my January page almost certainly heard some choice words. Being turned over may be a welcome break for him.

My Indspire Calendar from Canada features the work of Indigenous , First Nation , art students and the funds raised provide Inuit and Métis students with burseries and scholarships.

Eagle © Prudence Eliza Gogh

This Calendar lives in the studio/work room and really has not seen much creative action this January. Certainly some domestic sewing and the beginning of another Womble this time one with links to Hong Kong. Which allows me to show you a small remnant of lovely blue carp fabric, and at the same time wish you a happy lunar New Year.

Kung Hei Fat Choi

The last Calendar picture I turned over today is much closer to home, an old home, and comes from the Braintree Museum Calendar.

Platform at Braintree Station, late 19th century. © Braintree Museum

The Braintree Museum is coinciden tally housed in my old Primary School. So this calendar is almost certainly going to provoke some memories. The January picture of a steam train at the towns railway station very clearly shows the method of transport so many of us used to leave a small market town to explore the world. The train I escaped on was diesel and it took me to London. I wonder where the February pictures will take my ponderings?