#6 theoldmortuary ponders

I suppose the middle of October is a reasonable time to start mentioning mists. This was yesterdays early walk and if I set off now it would also be todays. Only an hour or so later the sun was properly out and this scene would have looked quite different. As it was I was struggling with heavy metal objects at the tip during the best sunshine of the day. Not really the best place for photography. But there is something uplifting about leaving the tip with an empty car. Yesterday passed with many small and irritating domestic admin jobs achieved. On days like yesterday the dogs get especially good walks because walking a dog is infinitely more interesting than the next dull, but essential job. I know that some time in the future, hopefully next year, my repotting of the Fig tree will bring strong new growth and lots of glossy leaves but yesterdays labours saw the fig tree move into his new but temporary home. A new (old) pot just a few inches bigger. Where, oh where is the instant gratification in that!

What Fig does not know, is that just a couple more inches of growth and he/she will have a friend, who is not much bigger to natter to. Just the other side of the wall our neighbours also have a fig growing. Never one to speculate! I think having a figgy friend so close might encourage all sorts of fig related development. Perhaps future October’s might look a bit like this in our kitchen.

For now the only figs in this house will be supermarket ones.