Pandemic Pondering #492

Storm Evert and Covid are shaping this festival. Safety checks following the battering of overnight winds and the continuing winds determine when and if certain things can go ahead

The failure of lateral flow tests and family members with covid affect which bands and entertainers are able to put in an actual performance.

Festivals are not just about the planned events they are also about creating a fertile and fecund space for serendipity to capture the imagination. The next two pictures occured at a Bowie DJ set. The first is a piece of transient floor art. Twinkle from someones festival outfit landed on the floor near a crushed beer can. Momentarily looking like an embelished spume of excressence. Only to be kicked apart moments later.

The second is a moment of musical joy when a bloke on a windbag sofa lost himself in a moment of Bowie nostalgia.

A day of seeing and appreciating the unexpected because Covid still disrupts our lives and expectations.

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