Pandemic Pondering #477

The wild flower meadows on our daily walk are tranquil spots for me to walk and the dogs to sniff. Not that the pollinators going about their business are particularly happy to be disturbed by snuffling dog noses. The tranquility of the flower fields took me to an extraordinary sight yesterday. Sailing boats cleaving through the sea faster than anything with an engine. How magical! Two huge catamarans chasing figures of eight in the bay at 50 or so miles per hour.

This was my first glimpse of Sail GP catermerans showing off in the water. So much more interesting and worthy of respect than the speed induced buzz of fossil fuel guzzling speed boats or worse their smaller relations the Jetski that normally whizz in the bay like flashy bored teenagers. Over the weekend I may bore you silly with pictures of these boats as there is a race meeting in Plymouth Sound this weekend. But there is nothing better than seeing something new for the first time.

Link to a description of the weekend event below.


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