Pandemic Pondering #473

Christmas In July! Not exactly of course but certainly a flavour of the festive season. The last of our furniture and ‘stuff’ arrived yesterday, out of storage. A large old chest arrived ready to be stacked with Christmas decorations. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen our Christmas trinkets in the summer before. Yesterday was probably the last hard day of furniture positioning and curtain hanging. We rewarded ourselves with a Caribbean platter. Nothing rewards hard physical labour in quite the same way as a takeaway.

The work of the day was doubly rewarded with a trip to a comedy club at The Leadworks in the evening. This really was a milestone in the Pandemic, our first night out in a club environment. Normality with just some changes. It felt so good to laugh in public, in unison with strangers.

Chuckling, chortling, giggling, just fabulous. The room was puffed up with happiness and we ordered a cup of tea via WhatsApp at 11Pm because we could. I’m fairly certain I’ve never juggled a cup and saucer in a club environment before. It’s probably not the last time. High on laughter and a warm tummy is a good feeling.

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