Pandemic Pondering #93

Travelling into Middle Earth,or less romantically but no less beautifully, Mid- Cornwall.The Coffee hounds were out today. Sniffing out good coffee and a walk at Siblyback Lake.On the way this old truck just had to be photographed.And then past the resting place of a Cornish King.King Doniert is mentioned at more length in Advent#21 destination was Olive and Co. A coffee shop at Siblyback Lake. a favourite in Liskeard , this was a trip to their other branch.What a great location and a cute interior.We grabbed hot drinks and set off on the 3.5 mile circular walk around the lake.The walk is a flat easy walk and even on a grey day there were some beautiful sights.

For Coffee Hounds this is the perfect location. Good coffee, probably great food , as this is their advert.Plus a circular walk with great views.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering #93

  1. I had a brook like the one in one of the photos as a child and could perfectly remember wading into it when I saw that picture. You may not know that I spent my professional life as a professor of English as an art college. All of my students were visual artists, painters, photographers, etc. I came to really appreciate good technique and sat on many thesis committees learning even more from the art faculty. (We gave a Bachelor of Fine Arts only, so most faculty were studio artists.) Which is to say I really am soaking up your work and am so glad you stumbled across my blog.


  2. I gave up words and picures at 18 to train as a radiographer. I took a Fine Art degree as a mature student and have to rehabilitate my written English as the medical world has given up creative writing for tick boxes and pre-written statements.
    Welcome to my rehab you are most welcome.


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