Pandemic Pondering #83

A quarter of @theoldmortuary have returned to work today. The sort of work where full PPE is required. The other human quarter needs to sort out the art studio. Making it both effective as a studio and usable as a gathering space outside the house now we can gather with a few more people in our garden. I also needed to dig out a blackboard for us to use as a kitchen note board as we navigate cooking a new style diet. Low carb/ no dairy.

It’s all a bit confusing so notes and shopping lists will help.

We did the usual morning dog walk, pre pandemic style. Me the dogs and headphones with Jay Rayner staying in for lunch on his Podcast Out For Lunch.

George Ezra, Ed Balls and Edgar Wright were great company on my walk and on the Studio tidy up.

Regular walks can be a little bit mesmeric. There is a link with yesterday’s blog, Pandemic Pondering# 82 and Advent#15. In Advent #15 I shared the walk with a dear friend whose funeral I mention in Pandemic Pondering #82.

For this reason I thought I would share some of the sights of the walk, some days it’s good to reflect a little. Although too much reflecting and not enough concentrating gave me the first Horse Fly bite of the season.

Looking west from Churchtown Farm Nature Reserve to the River Lynher
Kissing Gate
Up and Over Style
Dog bottoms, my usual view.
Hugo and Lola
Seed heads in a building site.
Rusty elbow and fern on a barn.
Pink roses falling off a wall
Poppies coming to the end of their days
Geraniums believing they are in the Mediterranean

Back to the tidy up….