Pandemic Pondering #82

Today @theoldmortuary attended the webcam funeral for a dear friend and regular reader of this blog. I think he would consider himself ordinary but actually he was one of the loveliest people you could hope to meet. There was so much love in St Petrocs Chapel it was easy to feel comfortable with this new way of celebrating and marking the passing of a life well lived.

The celebrant and family created a beautiful service that warmly evoked everything about our friend. Wonderful music had us dabbing at our eyes from almost the first note. Could this be a new way to mark the passing of someone when there are reasons that make actual attending of a funeral difficult.

For the first time ever , we travelled, digitally on this occasion,to the Crematorium at Bodmin. It was a beautiful day and the natural backdrop was perfect.

Is a daily blog, particularly in a pandemic, Social History ? Particularly in the hands of an ordinary person who just ponders and then writes about it.

I wondered about the appropriateness of mentioning a funeral in a blog, but it was an experience that has been altered by the Pandemic and this is our new normal for the foreseeable future. It may shape the future of mourning or it may just be for now.

If nothing else a daily blog is a way of recording the changes we are all experiencing.

3 thoughts on “Pandemic Pondering #82

  1. I am pleased that you chose to record this here – I think it is social history at an exceptional time and also in honour of your friend. My condolences


    1. Thank you, I pondered on the blogging ethics and privacy . It also charts my movement from dismay at another friends death and the lack of gathering to an acceptance of the new way of things. Friendship is a significant part of being a whole human.

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      1. Absolutely. I realise people blog for a wide variety of reasons but a personal blog, chronicling life as yours does will by necessity chronicle the ups and downs and most importantly your own experiences and responses to it. (Today’s walk in photos – PP83 – is a lovely connection.)

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