Pandemic Pondering #80

#80 … I did not expect to be still going, but here we are, no end in sight. #80 should perhaps be a significant pondering but today, Saturday, has hijacked the blog by revealing something to me ( us) never before seen.

Despite living the biggest portions of our lives very near the sea and a huge river no-one @theoldmortuary has ever had a nautical bone or thought in their bodies . Human or dog it’s just not our thing. Today the coffee/breakfast quest took us unknowingly into a leisure boatyard.

The coffee was good and the breakfast fine. There was a cute pirate quote on the cafe wall.

‘I wanted to be a pirate but I couldn’t get my ship together’

But the stand out thing of the morning was not coffee or breakfast, apologies to The Mess Room and thanks for being open to serve take- out deliciousness.

Coffee and breakfast knocked off the pedastal of pleasure by a giant fork lift truck.

Now that IS a fork lift truck to aspire to. I didn’t even know there was such a thing, being used only to warehouse or smaller fork lifts. Multi story boat storage was pretty unexpected too.

Around the Mess Room there were some nautical detritus to catch the eye.

One other Saturday revelation. It’s not only humans who have scatty hair during this pandemic. Have you ever seen such a non iconic palm tree?

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