Pandemic Pondering #78

There has been a lot written or broadcast in the news recently about research by psychologists into sleep disturbance and vivid dreaming during the Pandemic.

I seem to manage both in the same night. I can struggle to sleep , often not knowingly getting any sleep before the dawn chorus starts and then sleeping deeply and having vivid dreams.

The link above is the sound I gently drop off to sleep with. Although most mornings here there is the 4am Harley -Davidson commuter . His motorbike farting its way past the house with the familiar deep thrum, recognisable by most of us and adored by many, it is not a great addition to the sounds of nature.

I won’t put a link in here for an audio clip of a Harley-Davidson. Far too brutal a sound for this pondering. This is a blog that feels tranquil even though temporary insomnia is hardy a soporific subject.

Maybe it’s the abstract sounds that then fuel the vivid dreams. Recently the theme seems to be lost or misplaced things. Whole paintings that I have never painted and then go missing, these worry me greatly in the dreams and it takes a good bit of resolve not to go hunting for them when I wake up. Last night it was missing photographs. My wakeful hours at night don’t seem to be particularly troubled by overthinking. Like everyone, I’ve got a fair bit going on in my head during this pandemic but sometimes I just lie awake because sleep is simply eluding me.

The birdsong link is something I would really reccomend as a lovely listen and a blog about temporary insomnia is as good a place as any to share it. For the same reason I’ve filled this blog with Allium photographs .

Alliums are the epitome of tranquil expressed as a flower. Solitary and calm, I love them.

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