Pandemic Pondering #32

London is just as series of small towns and villages joined up by history and development. To the outsider it may just seem like urban sprawl but to people living there each town or village has its own identity and sense of soul and belonging. My village for ten years was Gipsy Hill, I still have very close links there.

Famed for Fanny, the Gipsy Hill Station Cat.Gipsy Hill also has the most amazing corner shop,right by the station, filled from floor to ceiling with organised precision it stocks everything, and is staffed by men who are always happy and helpful. I have never had a corner shop quite so lovely.

Sadly one of the men who works there has recently died of Covid-19. Terrible for his family, friends and colleagues. His loss will be felt by the whole community because Gipsy Hill and nearby Crystal Palace has so much love for this shop and the wonderful men who run it.

Communities all over the world are experiencing the loss of amazing people. Such difficult times. RIP.

♥️London ♥️Gipsy Hill ♥️FreshGo

Since I wrote this the Guardian has published an article on Kumar, the man whose death inspired this blog.I urge you to read this professional version.

This story has a sad but gentle traction. Some one has created a graffiti tribute just outside the store.

Thanks to Rachel Baseby on the Friends of Gipsy Hill Facebook page for this image

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