Pandemic Ponderings #26

Who needs a beach? @theoldmortuary we are pretty close to many beaches, during Lockdown it’s not appropriate to visit them.

We live close enough to the coast for seagulls to be a problem, the current problem is that they are a bit bored with no tourists to steal chips from. To brighten up their days they have chosen our car to practise aiming their copious, glutinous poo.The best way to get it off is an automated car wash, there is something about the chemicals used and the flagellation that gives Seagull poo the brush off.

The perfect self isolation activity, the automated car wash gave us an added bonus today. Tropical coastal outlooks.

2 thoughts on “Pandemic Ponderings #26

  1. I did a post on this same topic some time back. Taking photos as the car swished through took my mind off the semi-terror I feel in the carwash. Like you our car needs extra washing now, not seagulls, but a tree next to our driveway hosts a lot of birds. With bare branches there is a lot of splot, when the tree leafs out the leaves catch it. Anyway you can see your post struck home with me!


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