Pandemic Ponderings #20

Fanny the Gipsy Hill cat, always attentive, listening

Today has been all about listening. Social Isolation and the restrictions on life imposed by Governments to slow the spread of Coronovirus are impacting every part of our lives. This morning I attended a Zoom Commitee meeting. It was a significant meeting and the chairman used the mute function and gave every Commitee member the space and time to talk, uninterrupted, about the subject of the meeting. It was an extraordinarily powerful experience. Listening intently to each person, knowing that you would also get your chance to have your say. I think we got through a tricksy meeting with more grace than I usually experience with this group. I am by nature a listener and reflector, it felt very comfortable for everyone to be constrained to do the same.

Later in the day a book club I belong to managed a meeting using WhatsApp, using a mixture of voice recorded comments or written texts to discuss our views on the book we’ve all been reading this month. Again this was an experience of accurate listening and responding either by text or recorded message.

Listening , a very powerful tool. Strangely revealed by these curious times.

Illustrated by some ears found in my image file.

Carousel Horse, Port Dalhousie, Lake Ontario, Canada.

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