I’ve been adding some recent images to my Artworks/Portfolio page, I’ve got a pile of work that needs just little bits of attention to get them ready to sell. There is also a commission that needs a good stretch of time to get it ready for delivery . The better weather this week would have been perfect for art but it was also time to attack the Cornish hedge that runs in front of the studio windows. 10 years of routine maintenance had kept the lane passable but optimum hedge health had not been on our agenda. Many woman hours later it is trimmed and bramble-less , looking pretty sparse with one or two holes that need to be filled with some climbers . Boston Vine , Evergreen Clematis and Japanese Wisteria will add some natural colour alongside any incidental splatterings that embellish the garden and hedge during a summer of painting . Time to get back on the paintbrush…

Unique Monoprints on recycled maps. A3 size £45 mounted. Commissions taken for print on maps of other areas.

Truro Area SOLD⬇️

Are We There Yet, Beetle and West Cornwall A3 size. Image is not to scale⬇️

Plymouth Barbican SOLD⬇️

Dulwich Park, Nature overwhelming Tarmac SOLD⬇️

Battersea Power Station SOLD⬇️

Dive/ Wild Swimming SOLD⬇️

Dead Heading #1  High Gloss Finish Sold⬇️

Harley Street 2AM £1,500⬇️

Detail from Christmas on the Barbican ⬇️

Pillowtalk Pillow ( Exhibited at Tate Modern 2018) POA ⬇️

Strength and Fragility, monoprint 🔽 work on paper. £50

Beast From The East 🔽 £1,500

Ripped . Work on paper £50 ⬇️

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