#171 theoldmortuary ponders

HMS Portland

HMS Portland sailed past some bobbers yesterday, the crew and the bobbers waved excitedly because for some reason it seems rude not to acknowledge one another in relatively close proximity. It was a very chilly swim, but it was probably quite cold standing on deck and waving, so both sides may have welcomed the extra exercise.

Our winter eyebrow growth was removed yesterday all wandering upper facial hair either removed or gathered tidily into graceful arches which can be risen or lowered as situations require. Who could have guessed that ten minutes after this pastoral scene the eyebrows were raised because  of the weather.

We were on the A303 near Stonehenge and  there was the usual traffic queue, so we took a usual detour via Shrewton to avoid the standstill. Just as we approached the Stonehenge car park black clouds descended and snow was dumped on us.

Not what we expected at all. Newly coiffed eyebrows were raised. Getting that cold twice in one day is not acceptable in April. Traffic jam avoided we carried on our journey. Returning to sunshine remarkably quickly.

Sunshine on a Saturday, just what is needed!

Pandemic Pondering #309

A glorious weather weekend lifted our cabin fever this weekend. Snow and Bagels were forecast.

A favourite coffee shop reopened as a take away destination. Sweetening the deal with home made bagels. Bagels it seems got the good people of Plymouth out of their beds very early and by the time we arrived at 10:30 the bagels were just a memory. Good coffee in hand we set off on a city walk enjoying the sunshine. The sunshine kept coming and the walk kept walking. 7 miles or 11 km later we arrived home. Only then did the snow arrive!

©Helen Flinton

Our social media in-boxes were filled with friends and family sharing snowy photos.

©Mark Curnow

Even the dogs friends got in on the act.

©Monty and Murphy

We received Dinosaurs.

©Emily Yates

And tranquility

©Debbie Sears

Paths to walk

©Helen Flinton

And the boot prints of walkers.

©Jenna Blake

Have a marvelous Monday. P.S we got the Bagels!