Hong Kong Style

Hannah was born in Hong Kong and my son and his partner live there currently . We visit often and are always searching out inspiration for style ideas. Hannah’s parents ashes are scattered on a hill top overlooking Stanley. Fine excuses to visit.

Having both been gig rowers in Cornwall we love to watch Dragon Boat racing. This weekend was the Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships.

Some photos with a slight bias towards The Stormy Dragons team.IMG_0449


IMG_9756Stanley has both a street market and the ubiquitous shopping mall.

The mall has one of the largest G.O.D. Stores . Goods of Desire. A great source of good quality, often quirky designs. A few things have made their way back to our Cornish cottage.





Hong Kong is great for just wandering around, especially the older districts where the architecture has remained the same for many decades.

Mido Cafe on Temple Street is one of our favourite retro, but genuinely so, cafes. Not only is it great for us to visit somewhere that is unchanged from when Hannah’s parents would have visited , it has Crittall windows, pure catnip for style addicts!