#600 theoldmortuary ponders

Bluebell ‘wood’

An early morning foray into the Stonehouse Lawn Tennis Club to catch the garden waking up.

The birdsong was magnificent this morning.

I’m not sure that I got the best of it but this is a flavour of the morning song.

I was on a quest to get images beyond the clubs boundaries for future social media posting.

I even found a feature on my phone camera that I don’t quite understand. But it does actually count as a glimpse across the boundary.

May is such a gorgeous month for getting up early and doing photography. The daisies were barely awake when I caught them.

And once again while searching for landscapes the Arum lilies forced me to pay attention to their unique beauty.

But I did get some sea views. The whole point of my morning expedition.

But the plants were quite persuasive, dew-drenched and touched by the morning sun.

An early morning well spent.

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