#559 theoldmortuary ponders

Hot Pot- Oonagh Glancy

What to ponder on a warm Bank Holiday Monday. This fabulous painting by Oonagh Glancy is the nugget of this ponder. It symbolises a coming together. For the first time since Covid, Drawn to the Valley also threw in mass catering at their Spring Exhibition. Coffee, tea, cakes and other treats were served at a huge communal table. It was the highpoint for visitors, simply sitting down and talking between artists and visitors, old friends, new friends, complete strangers and hungry bowling escapees from the Bowls Club next door. Competition whites smudged with spring-green grass stains.

Sally O’Neill  Asheltor Woods

Everyone was talking about how much they loved the communal snack table. Isn’t that fabulous. The art, of course, covered all the faces of the Tamar Valley and was as glorious as has come to be expected of the first exhibition of the year.

Julia O’Dell
Lynn Saunders

Artists of the Tamar Valley also get further afield.

Michael Jenkins St Ives Harbour
Jane Athron Looking Towards Lancaster Gate.
Julia O’Dell Godrevy Lighthouse

And some of us stick close to home.

Juliet Cornell Tidal Pool

There was so much to contemplate and consider, what a great exhibition.

Tessa Jane Yet It Seemed So To Me

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