#557 theoldmortuary ponders

Suddenly temperatures have shot up. Thank goodness. Yesterday at a Street Food festival I managed to get sunburn and have to wriggle out of my thermal vest while deciding exactly which Street food vendor would get my spends.

Oddly she is from Otley

Publicity for the Festival had failed to attract our attention in Plymouth, but our friends sister who still lives in Otley alerted our Gillian to a brief, burger orientated, Northern migration to our Atlantic City.

Co-incident with the food festival Plymouth Argyle were facing a seriously important match in the same place on the same day.

The sun was out, spirits were up and the atmosphere was buzzing.

We got our first sight of a newish statue.

Jack Leslie https://g.co/kgs/7qC8qd

Should you be interested, Plymouth Argyle won their match and we chose Poutine as our international food of choice.

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