#556 theoldmortuary ponders

From the moors to the sea.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I had the pleasure of receiving and unpacking the work of 42 artists who had submitted work to the Drawn to the Valley Spring exhibition.

On average the artists had submitted 10 pieces of work. That is a lot of glorious creativity to unpack.

Work that beautifully swoops from the moors of the Tamar Valley down to the Atlantic Coast.

Sometimes in minute detail.

I know that I witter on about art a bit but last night was such a delight to see how people are inspired by our local and dramatically changing landscape.

It is also just the loveliest thing to spend some time with the artists themselves. We work away in our studios like solitary bees only coming together infrequently.

For local people a trip to Meavy Lane in Yelverton might be just the thing for a long Bank Holiday Weekend.

I’m going to pop along on Monday to see the exhibition in full show-time mode. More pictures then.

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