#525 theoldmortuary ponders

As predicted we have been plunged into a period of greige weather. Coincidentally I have created a landscape with no colour. Greige is many things. Initiated by weather it can also be a state of mind or a physical feeling. Outdoors the colour has been rinsed out of everything, much like a landscape in fog. Greige is possibly the love child of fog and mist. Not as dangerous as one or as whimsical as the other. Colour can only be found close to hand, or foot.

Evergreen Clematis
Wet flagstone in a local pavement.

But beyond about ten feet, things fade to greige.

Pastel colours are not normally my thing but as I am likely to be surrounded by them for a few days I had a little play around with unusually subtle colours for me.

Evergreen Clematis overlayed on a flagstone.
Evergreen Clematis overlayed on papier mache and a mount.

The funny thing is that I can’t quite bring myself to paint on the papier mache. I love the simplicity of the torn paper edges. Clearly greige is getting to me.

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