#503 theoldmortuary ponders.

Yesterday’s blog was hijacked by a large Seagull poo. There was no way to talk about the beautiful beach that we found just a few steps away from the sculpture mentioned in yesterday’s blog. https://theoldmortuary.design/2023/03/06/502-theoldmortuary-ponderd/

At 9am this beach was too warm to wear a coat. It was a completely perfect suntrap. A coffee and two happy dogs made for a lovely early morning start. This little beach collects light weight metal detritus. A tiny aluminium accessory could be posed as a tiny piece of land art.

There was also a small verdigris square of a light metal that had washed up.

Beech combing and coffee done it was time for a walk. The sunburst lichen was a very uplifting place to stop and bask in the real sun.

While watching seabirds fishing for breakfast in a fascinating pool of water in the sea.

If we had found all this on a holiday walk we would have been thrilled but as it was only 30 minutes walk from home it was good to share it with the dogs.

I also found a lovely old bench in bright sunshine for Pondering with a capital P.

An early morning well spent.