#511 theoldmortuary ponders

Rewind to the weekend. We had a bit of a blue Sunday.

A silent disco at The Box in Plymouth under the figureheads. Having circled the globe many times these restored figureheads have witnessed all sorts of shenanigans but rarely, I imagine, cast so gorgeously in blue lights. I won’t shock your eyes with the moves of a small group of bobbers who attended but * did find some blue flowers in my photo archive that might give a flavour of our shapes.


You might think that taking off the headphones would give a zen-like silence. Perhaps suggested by the name of the event. Silent Disco

But no, the silence does not exist, the overwhelming sound when the headsets are removed is laughter. We were also treated to an informal gathering of Rock Choir singers who belted out the lyrics of three different tracks with more accuracy than the rest of us. Sartorially the attendees were all fabulously attired , some of the figureheads were overdressed for the occasion.

3 hours slipped by, bones and joints groaned a little but a Blue Sunday was a fun experience.

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