#467 theoldmortuary ponders

After a weekend of grey weather, Monday was as bright as a button. Unfortunately the day had a schedule that would not light up anyone’s life. Just the dullest of tasks and shopping for cleaning products. But the sun was out and we really needed to harvest some vitamin D so a quick ferry trip took us to the ‘ Forgotten Corner’ of Cornwall to gather sunbeams.

Not that the two villages of Cawsand and Kingsand are in any way forgotten by us. We used to row pilot gigs for the local club.

But a much loved family member was killed in this area 7 years ago and it has taken a little while for us to feel comfortable on the roads around here. Clearly something has changed, this is our fourth visit in 6 months. Building new memories and realising how much beauty we have been missing is the tipping point. For two hours we could have been somewhere Mediterranean, even the dogs, who have no idea what Mediterranean is, basked like furry holiday-makers. No airports involved.

Sunshine really is the great embellishment of life, that and allowing time to do some healing.

Plus coffee, always coffee…

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