#443 theoldmortuary ponders

Morning dog walks are full of unexpected surprises. Sometimes when we stop for the ritual of the poo, I stare into nothing for the time it takes to sniff out the exact spot, spin to geolocate and then eliminate. Yesterday there was a bright flash of blue. Not an urban Kingfisher but some lovely old wrought iron, showing it’s provenance, over 200 years of being weather beaten. Two dogs equals two stops,the second one on a beach where this tiny piece of old tile was my gem of the moment.

My day was all about tiny gems, the studio needs to be de-Christmassed. It has remnants of twinkle from pre-Christmas gilding left on the work bench.

Having cleared that up I was left with a pristine surface to work on, almost as delicious as clean bedding, I decided to take some time out from tidying and give a new sketch book and latex tools a little try out.

The exhibitions of last year inspired me to explore some different aspects of drawing, painting and printing. The one genre that can be fitted into a small box and just an hour or so of time is charcoal sketching. My new sketchbook is going to be dedicated to drawing in charcoal with a bit of water colour thrown in.

Have a good weekend!