#460 theoldmortuary ponders

What are early mornings about?

1- Cold walks towards a sunrise.

2- Early morning chattering to swimmers, some known some not.

3- Waiting for paint to dry.

4- Going to the Gym.

5- Reward for all of the above.

6- Write the blog.

Which is exactly where we are now. The paint is still drying. Ready, I hope, for the Winter sun to make an appearance in the studio in an hour or so. I suppose the gym is the unusual topic for a blog. My last foray into the world of a gym was in late February 2020. COVID lockdown made the experience very brief. I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Three years later the cold weather has driven me into a different gym. Neither the dogs or my knees love walking distances in this very cold weather. The gym is in an old military building, I’ve been going for a week. I may never mention it again in a blog but I just wanted to share this lovely old notice, which I look at while abducting and adducting.

Rust, old printing and human notes. My favourite kind of stuff.

‘Keep your head and use it’ What a fabulous instruction.

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