#409 theoldmortuary ponders

This picture was shared to me by a friend yesterday. By one of life great coincidences, I received someone else parcel yesterday. I don’t need to open it to know what is inside. A wrought iron garden ornament depicting a cat climbing into the garden. Whatever was the purchaser thinking. No one wants strange cats in their garden. I suppose the only possible positive to be taken from this surprise package, is that wrought iron cats do not shit in other peoples borders. Trying to get this wrong parcel out of my house is going to involve some thought. The address is correct but the name is completely unfamiliar.

In another coincidence my Alexa device had a funny five minutes this morning. Instead of the usual early morning list of things I might need to buy. She suggested that maybe tomorrow she would wake me up with Dance Anthems. That is certainly not my usual Sunday vibe. It does however allow me to share a never before-seen image of Plymouths’ Tinside. Taken through a 1930’s glass brick and gives quite a trippy image.

Advent +2022 images never pondered before.

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