#408 theoldmortuary ponders

Context is everything and without context this is just a rather lovely goat picture. Last night, in my dreams I had a rather out of context experience. Not unusual for a dream to be out of context, of course, but this one was unusual for me. My parents were in my kitchen waiting to see their great-grandchild. I hugged them and they were insubstantial and anxious to be on their way. They have been dead nearly 30 years and I have moved home 4 times since then. They have never before appeared, out of context, in my dreams, always appearing somewhere that they would have been familiar with. The subconscious mind is a glorious thing.

The context of the very lucky goat in the top picture is that he lives above one of the worlds most beautiful beaches. These two photographs were taken within moments of each other without me moving more than a couple of steps.

Myrtos Beach, Kephalonia

Advent +2022. Sharing pictures that have never before made it to the pondering a.

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