#343 theoldmortuary ponders

This is the first actual wreath we have seen to mark the death of Queen Elizabeth the Second,and possibly one in one of the most unusual locations. It is hung outside a ‘Thunder Box’ . It is important to read the link below to understand the context of this site. It is considered to be a living War Memorial and is where tributes are always placed in Heligan, the place we visited today.


Heligan is a fabulous place to hang out for the weekend. Sunshine and cooler weather are definitely heralding autumn.

It is always an early autumn pleasure to spend time with pumpkins before they are incorporated into the dreadful, trashy, import of Halloween, a festival with no merits,in my opinion, that ruins everything about pumpkins and the gorgeous season of Autumn.

Small, warty pumpkins.
Plump, audacious pumpkins including my favourite ‘Turks Head’

Autumn may well be rattling, respectfully, under the circumstances, on the door but bees are still busy with summer business.

Although these bees live in ancient homes called Bee Boles.

We’ve walked many miles today and listened to some lovely history lectures, which were a fine excuse to sit down for an hour or so. The coffee and comestibles have been perfect. Welcoming Autumn with bright sunlight and gorgeous flowers is very satisfying.

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