#334 theoldmortuary ponders

The sun sets on the second Elizabethan era. Hyperlocal, of course, this is a view of Cummulonimbus over the Hamoaze as the sun sets on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Flags are at half mast over Stonehouse.

I took myself off media for 24 hours once the announcement of her serious health situation was announced. Waiting for the inevitable, for any family, should be an entirely private occasion.

Bobbers had their first bob of the new Carolean Age. We would not be bobbers if we had not had a good old chatter afterwards, we hunted in our heads but not our phones for the title of the new age. Not one of us came up with Carolean. To be honest we favoured the new King using one of his middle names and entering a new Arthurian Age. It was not to be. Surely it is a tough enough act to follow Queen Elizabeth 11 but rehabilitating the title of King Charles is also a historical challenge. On an absolute positive the name Charles may become more popular.

Other subjects touched on, in a wide ranging, Bobbing conversation were the theory of Mother Trees and mushroom music. Appropriate subjects,for the day, I feel.

And the experience of making music with mushrooms.

One thing really does lead to another when bobbing.

Hyperlocal again, as I write this on the Stonehouse Peninsular I can hear muffled bells from the City of Plymouth and soon there will be a gun salute from Devonport Dockyard. A historical moment being marked.