#338 theoldmortuary ponders

In these days of rolling news and constant posts on Social Media it is easy to get sucked into Royal news almost without realising. Beyond news, accurate or not, there are poems and pieces of Art. Accuracy seems irrelevant and sometimes the quality of the homage pieces is a little questionable. One that stood out because it worked on a few levels was this Queen tribute, almost always falsely attributed to Banksy.

© Anat Zahavi

Anat Zahavi, grew up in Tel Aviv and currently lives in the Netherlands. I hope her name is not wiped from history but there is every chance. Lazy research by many contributes to one of my favourite quotes.

” History is a lie agreed upon” or so I thought. In fact the actual quote is.

“History is a set of lies that people have agreed upon,”- Napoleon

Always check your sources especially in these curious times with 24 hours of news. Or just turn it off.

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