#335 theoldmortuary ponders.

Saturday morning and Britain has entered a 10 day period of mourning. I thought I might entertain blog readers with snippits of Royal History in these 10 days. While researching one thing I found another which will bubble about unless I let it out immediately.

England once had a King called Sweyn Forkbeard!

Crowned in Gainsborough on Christmas Day 1013 he was dead five weeks later. He was the first Viking King of England.

How did I not know this when I was 10 and unnaturally nerdy. Why has it taken until now. How could I not have noticed on my poster of the Kings and Queens. Sweyn was the father of East Anglian, Poster King Canute and still I had never heard of him when I was growing up there. I demand a refund on my state education, or my free library subscription.

Googling lets me know that I am late to this particular party.

©Sweyn Forkbeard

Sweyn Forkbeard is big in Camden where he fronts up a male grooming company. He has cleaned up his act somewhat in their tagline.

©Sweyn Forkbeard

Their publicity suggests that he was known for his lustrous hair and beard, even in battle. Other evidence suggests that even by contemporary standards he was a cruel and brutal man.

I am rather preferring the fragrant and well groomed image of Camden Sweyn to Gainsborough Sweyn. A man whose only weapons are big pair of scissors and a fistful of shaving balm.

10 days of this nonsense, you have been warned.


Link to fabulous male grooming, should you ever be in Camden.

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