#332 theoldmortuary ponders

Yesterday was National Book Reading Day, but because I was behind with artwork my book reading was the standard half hour before bed. Hugo however had plenty of time to get his teeth into the Nick Cave Exhibition book that I had ordered after our visit to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. By a strange twist of timings my time at The Box, Plymouths museum and art gallery will not be fully utilised today as many of the galleries are in transition. Plenty of time and cozy corners to read an arty book but I left it at home with the dogs.

In truth I wish I were back in Chicago to revisit the exhibition with only two chapters of enlightenment from the book. So many layers of everything is my initial opinion, just so much to learn.

A good excuse to share more pictures and encourage anyone who can to get themselves to Chicago and see the real thing before it closes on October 2 nd.


Link above to Exhibition

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