#32 theoldmortuary ponders

I have a fascination for empty staircases, this one caught my eye, not particularly because it was empty on this occasion but because some tiny reflected lights appeared to be moving up the stairs. Like small invisible creatures climbing the stairs with hand torches.

Empty staircases often tell a story, this quietly grubby staircase resonated with Dance Music most recently as the unused back staircase of a fabulously glamorous night club housed in a building that has been a pleasure dome since the 1930’s

I love everything about it apart from the smell of old wee. But my imagination of the historic encounters that would have occured on this staircase just a few steps from the dancefloor give it a mingled,musky, secretive vestigia that spans almost a century of pleasure.

Not so these steps to a now unpermitted destination.

Which are the exact opposite of the steps below.

So many permutations of places and directions for the mind to travel. This particular photo is a real life encounter with a scene from one of my recurring dreams. A fine place to end a blog. I have stuff that needs to be done upstairs.