Pandemic Pondering#520

Saturday finds us camping at Aunemouth Farm, Bantham and walking eight furry legs a very long way.

A walk alongside the estuary gave us our first glimpse of Burgh Island.

Loads of walking later found us nattering at the Bantham Village Store Cafe/bar listening to @djironingboard and watching the sun go down. All in all an excellent way to spend a Saturday.

Pandemic Pondering #519

This may have been the best bowl of mussels, clams and cockles I have ever eaten. I love seafood but it doesn’t always love me. This never deters me, the occasional night of gastric turbulence is a risk I am always prepared to take. When it happens it is the fault of my fastidious gut, not the responsibility of the establishment serving the seafood.

This mornings wake up followed a night of a very peaceful, happy, belly. This raises the bar for the little bowl of seafood. It was the best I have ever eaten.