Pandemic Pondering #509

If the sun doesnt put in appearance then the time is right to get on with the jobs that have been on the back burner. Todays jobs were dull but a rare shaft of sunlight on this glass collection brightened up the journey to the tool box. A Chrysanthemum also lit up the kitchen, an imitation sun.

Todays jobs really were too dull to mention but they were achieved by lunchtime and my reward was a good long dog walk before returning home to do other dull stuff like going to the Post Office and the Hermes drop off. The post office trip was to send properly kitch shoes to our grandaughter. Crocodile Crocs and sandals with motion activated LED’s . Gloriously silly and just what a two year old needs to make life even more wonderful. The nights are getting darker so we need to chose our evening dog walk with some consideration of good lighting. Tonight we more than achieved that by finding Fibreglass cows ruminating under a twinkling tree.

Lola found this location very much to her liking and as soon as she had sorted herself out we headed for home. A dull day completed succesfully is quite an achievement.

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