Pandemic Pondering #506

This gorgeous bunch of hand tied garden flowers arrived yesterday in the hands of our friend Sophie and her lovely boy Billy. It was good to see them both. Our home was a revolving door of friends yesterday and that really is the loveliest feeling. The shared horror of the previous evenings events in Plymouth was obviously the main topic of conversation. It is strange to realise that the name of your home city will now be linked with the horror of a mass shooting. Having lived in London and Brighton during terrorist attacks, the familiar feeling of proximity and dislocation from the scene of the crime alongside huge gratitude for not being involved is becoming familiar. It is a struggle for me to understand how this crime is not also terrorism. Not that the category of the crime alters the impact on anyone but the conversations, at any level, change. On the day after a horrific event it was good to have friends, flowers and meaningful conversations.

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