Pandemic Pondering #410

Its a campervan kind of weekend , our first for at least 6 months. The van has been switched around for sleeping rather than day trips. Our night was the best sensory experience Cornwall could offer, 45 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. We’ve swapped the River Tamar for the Carnon River. We also woke up this morning to our granddaughter singing Moon River to us which was charming if not entirely accurate.

We walked to Devoran yesterday and flowers were the highlight of the walk.

No country walk is complete without a ramble in the churchyard where we found some bluebells.

We brought our wetsuits with us to swim but the wind might not make that very sensible. Coffee shops and Charity shops might well be a suitable alternative. Although Lola may not consider getting out of bed for that.

But Hugo is already up and exercising.

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