Pandemic Pondering #226

Yesterday was wet and grey. A day for sorting paperwork and avoiding storms. The trouble with sorting paperwork is that it is rarely exciting, on the other hand, magazines that have inadvertantly got caught up in the paperwork become fascinating. This is how I discovered our cheese plant is an interior design cliché.

Even when writing little blogs I like to share some evidence that I’m not talking utter nonsense, but such was the success of the paperwork sorting I can no longer find the magazine that made such a sweeping statement. Googling has not helped one bit. Cheese plant cliché shaming is overwhelming on the Internet. To make matters worse our cheese plant has a name ‘Freddy’.

I am aware this small blog is fairly dull. It could have been way racier. Among the paperwork store was my mother’s collection of ‘Adult’ text books. A fine collection of 1960’s and 70’s sexual health and information books previously on- loan in the Family Planning clinics that she ran in Essex. Weaving a blog around those may take a little time. So today you just get Freddy. Twice.

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