Pandemic Pondering #127

Moons- a step by step guide to making moon Sandwiches in a Pandemic.Some time ago we had a socially distanced picnic planned with VV our granddaughter and her mum and dad.Picnics when you are under two need to be exciting so we decided to make moon Sandwiches.For moon purists we make both waxing and waning crescents depending how you hold them and both waxing and waning gibbous moons.Full moons and quarter moons could be made, but they don’t have intriguing shapes for small hands.

Because this catering masterpiece was created during the pandemic there is a twist.We didn’t have a cookie cutter so had to make one out of a good quality tomato paste tin.Kyknos Tomato Paste is our favourite tomato cooking ingredient and the tin is very high quality, so robust enough to make a very fine cookie cutter in times of Pandemic resticted shopping.simply by removing both the top and bottom with a can opener. cheapest possible white sliced bread.ButterGood quality white cheese spread.’t be tempted to upgrade the bread , posh bread gives tatty edges.MethodButter 3 slices of bread.Spread cream cheese on 3 further slices of bread.Sandwich one buttered and one cheesed piece of bread together giving you 3 cheese sandwiches that are uncut.Stage one cut a circle or full moon out of one of the sandwiches, repeat as necessary with the other sandwiches……………………………Stage two, cut out two more crescents out of the remaining sandwich………………………..Stage three cut two more smaller crescents out of the full moon/ circle shape. This miraculously will leave you with a waxing or waning Gibbous…………………………………Pack moons into a sandwich box.Lunar loveliness for adventurous picnics.

© Wikipedia

These moons are made of cream cheese, nothing fanciful at all.For those with an interest in the real m🌒🌒n. Today is a waxing crescent kind of day.

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