Baubles and Fish. Today was all about catching up with bauble chores, after yesterday’s bauble debacle. There was also a painting commission to be completed .

The commission has to be based on fish, painted, printed and divided into three separate canvases that will look abstract. I’m struggling a bit .

Here’s the first image.

Then I desaturated it but picked out the eye.

Finally I selected portions for abstraction.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this, but I’ve got another week to work it out.


Today has mostly been about untangling strings of baubles, the strings of baubles hang in our windows. Usually they hang on fishing thread but today’s untangling was monumentally unsuccessful. After a couple of hours of success, followed by abject failure and swearing the new regime is to have them hanging on ribbon . Only one window achieved instead of 5 .

The shadows are also quite interesting.