VW Kombi and a map

IMG_9978This monoprint has been knocking around in my head for ages. It’s taken a while to pull together the various strains of thought and to find the products that would give me the feel I wanted.

I wanted to depict the unique sensation of travelling in unknown territory looking for holiday destinations using paper maps. That curious mix of anticipatory pleasure and stress. The Combi is depicted by translucent glaze and glitter because it is a memory and is for many of us only representational as we may have been travelling in a Mini, Ford Capri, Hillman Imp or any other car that was iconic in the 60’s 70’s or 80’s.

Each monoprint is unique and is printed on an old map. A3 size, mounted ,each print costs £65. Other destinations and vehicles are possible , please contact me either via this blog or juliet57@btinternet.com if interested

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