#617 theoldmortuary ponders

Suddenly May has turned the temperature up and banished the rain. Clothes, now, reliably dry in half a day when we hang them against our white painted, stone wall. I treated our highest patio with white vinegar and soapy water and the sun has done some magic there and bleached away all the mildew that formed over winter.

I think a little Yayoi Kusama madness has penetrated our minds. See yesterday’s blog.https://theoldmortuary.design/2023/05/20/616-theoldmortuary-ponders/

The van is ready for our first good weather excursion and there is some spottiness about.

I was also impressed whilst in Hong Kong by some stools that we saw in a museum cafe. Not something you can tuck under your arm when travelling with hand luggage only but global giant Google has provided the exact thing now I am home.

Too bad that we no longer live in the actual old mortuary which had the most beautiful untreated concrete walls. Let’s see how this gorgeous shape fits into a Georgian house when it arrives from Shenzen. Yesterday evening was still full-on sunshine, we walked the dogs before going to a birthday party and the sounds of happiness coming from,what was left of the beach, were so uplifting.

Still in full sunlight we set off for a birthday party and were transported back 20 years with ex colleagues from Plymouth. What a fun night and it seems 20 years have passed by in the twink of a glitterball and we all looked fabulous. Below the birthday woman on our bobbing beach.

VW Kombi and a map

IMG_9978This monoprint has been knocking around in my head for ages. It’s taken a while to pull together the various strains of thought and to find the products that would give me the feel I wanted.

I wanted to depict the unique sensation of travelling in unknown territory looking for holiday destinations using paper maps. That curious mix of anticipatory pleasure and stress. The Combi is depicted by translucent glaze and glitter because it is a memory and is for many of us only representational as we may have been travelling in a Mini, Ford Capri, Hillman Imp or any other car that was iconic in the 60’s 70’s or 80’s.

Each monoprint is unique and is printed on an old map. A3 size, mounted ,each print costs £65. Other destinations and vehicles are possible , please contact me either via this blog or juliet57@btinternet.com if interested