Moment #developingyoureye

IMG_9178As I walked past a work bench at Plymouth College of Art, this evening, this amazing image appeared. A discarded acetate of the Egyptian figure was laying on a zinc bench , rather crumpled it reflected the pattern of a vibrant print that was pinned on the wall behind it.

Warmth #developingyoureye

IMG_7874Warmth and light suffuse this image of grains of sand nestling in a shell. These images were taken using only natural light and my iPhone with a macro lens attached .

#everydayinspiration Mido Cafe, Hong Kong

IMG_8414On a recent visit to Hong Kong we visited the Mido Cafe on Temple Street, Hong Kong. There is a fabulous blog page about it already that I shared a few moments ago.

You will read how great this place is, but for me the thrill was in its windows. Beautiful 1950’s Crittall windows. Made in my birthplace of Braintree, Essex, UK. More importantly, for this everyday inspiration post, I was inspired to tell my children how their grandparents met when they both worked at Crittalls Factory in Braintree .Until this moment I had completely forgotten my family link with the factory and even forgotten why I love Crittalls windows quite so much.


Treasure #developingyoureye

IMG_8510I’m always intrigued by the unusual. Passing a building site in Hoi An , Vietnam , I found this metal basket full of old tea-shop crockery , the builders had clearly preserved the old China rather than just lob it in the skip. Still in a filthy condition the bits clearly represented “treasure” to the builders.