Abundance #everyday inspiration

IMG_5393Crystal Palace is the town that gives . A bustling Triangle  of loveliness, somehow defying all the preconceptions of London, it has a community feel that any small rural town would be proud of. Crowd funding to repair the station cat following a road accident is one example of the abundance of community care that just pops up in this south London gem, or the gentle cuddling of a small,lost, fox cub by a commuter prepared to wait until rescue arrived.

Bliss #developingyoureye

IMG_1357Bliss is a big subject

Bliss is the subject of my current on-line blogging masterclass.

Blissful , even the word gives a frisson of pleasure.


Big subject and,for me ,this photograph represents just one of the crazy things that can produce momentary Bliss.

The serendipity of texture alongside incredulity at a sudden misplacement of items. In this case a beautifully crafted piece of wedding jewellery with some plastic roses.

Bliss is also my favourite cafe in Crystal Palace


Bliss is also Saltash on a sunny day.b104-adef-f6b5-29a1