#603 theoldmortuary ponders

Giddy times. Our passports are out and about. Last night for the first time we needed photo ID to vote.

Voting in the romantically named, St Peter and The Waterfront Ward

Today we are off, leaving Britain before the big party. Nothing says peak celebratory cuisine any more succinctly than a motorway services stop.

Not that I am completely turning away from Royalty. My travel books are accidentally aligned to the theme of the weekend

This one should be finished in the airport and left for a different life with someone else.

And then out of the blue this ebook dropped onto my virtual library shelf last night, after a considerable time on  a virtual book waiting list.

I am about a chapter in, so for now, I have no strong sense of what I am getting into. Queenie, the actual paperback, is a really good read. Whoever picks it up will get a treat. It is a travelling book. I picked it up on International Womens’ Day at a glorious gathering of interesting women, and one man, who shared stories, laughter, tears, cake and books. The end of a week, tomorrow will be quite a different blog.

One thought on “#603 theoldmortuary ponders

  1. happy time away to both of you, just in the nick of time. the food is quite funny and everyone has to get in on it, while the iron is hot! perfect timing for the book and I like to leave books behind as well, except for the ones that are special to me for a variety of reasons.

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