#553 theoldmortuary ponders

I am a mucky painter. The only time my studio desk is tidy is when I am a procrastinating painter. Yesterday’s victory over the admin for entering an exhibition gave me time to do all sorts of life admin and a spare hour, to start another painting. The chance, I realise to talk about light quality.

Late afternoon light.

Thankfully this is proper paper so the blotting paper battles of the last couple of days are over. I rarely paint at night but I wanted to get a push on this one. The next picture demonstrates why I need to get a daylight bulb.

Artificial light, no natural light.

My studio faces west but our back yard is painted a brilliant white. So early morning, reflected light extends natural daylight from early spring until October.

Early morning light.

And then finally, although this picture is far from finished the positive impact of a mount.

Sunset Storm WIP

I realise there is not so much pondering here so far,but the blotting paper debacle did, in a crisis, teach me that I can prep paper with Alcohol inks. I gave that a little whirl on this painting which is a doodle really. I over-did it but the marshmallow clouds are exactly what I was aiming for.

More scruffyness

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