#544 theoldmortuary ponders

Our familial needs on beaches are significantly different. Yesterday the human bobbers took themselves off to their favourite beach, for a somewhat gloomy, just after high-tide swim, at 4 pm. We like to swim near to high tide, as an incredibly useful set of concrete stairs lead us into chest high water, with no need to pick our way across seaweed strewn rocks. The dogs however prefer a low-tide beach precisely because they can pick their way over a rocky seaweed strewn beach. At 8 pm we went to their favourite beach for a low tide meander.

I almost never photograph this beach at low tide. On the opposite side of the peninsular to our swim beach, it faces the Hamoaze, a broad section of the River Tamar as the river meets Plymouth Sound and then the Ocean. Centuries of old industrial stuff washes up on this beach from the dockyards, one of which, no longer an active dockyard, is in the background of this shot. Hugo could spend hours here, rescuing seaweed from the waters edge. Lola is less enthralled, as am I, particularly on a gloomy day. However there is often some quite fancy sea glass, my pockets often return home with a few little glass triangles of ‘ Pirate Treasure’ . The washing machine engineer takes a dim view of ‘Pirate Treasure’ in the filters. Evidence that I am not a diligent pocket emptier.

Anyway, however gloomy it was yesterday, a little arrangement of sea debris caught my eye. A broken periwinkle shell, an oyster encrusted on a rock and some foraged, by Hugo, seaweed.

Nothing big to write a blog about but a little highlight of the day.

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