#538 theoldmortuary ponders

©Dowsing and Reynolds

Glimpsing this advert over the weekend I realised, with horror, that I suffer from a complete absence of personality. No knobs on my cupboards. Please excuse the brief blog while I take some time-out to process this revelation.

I have worked in jobs where problems have been excused as ‘personality clashes’ On one occasion I memorably retorted that it was,

” Hard to have a clash of personality with someone who doesn’t have one”

Little realising that the person who had spiked my ire was simply a woman without knobs. I thought she was a controlling, bullying witch without a bone of genuine kindness. If only I had known that instead of attempting to find some soul in her I could simply have gone to a hardware store and bought her some interesting knobs.

Just imagine what this simple revelation could do in so many human interactions.


Who knew!

No knob, no personality.

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